The following are some comments from from students, teachers, counselors, and busines people.
I attended the Career Development Institue last summer, and I would highly reccomend it to all teachers, counselors, and administrators. We were exposed to a wide variety of thoughts about work based learning ranging from Workforce Centers to Colorado Department of Education. I loved going on business visits. I can't wait till the next CDI where I can earn CEU's!

- Janet Brophy, Business Teacher, Haxtun High School, Haxtun, CO
The career fair was really enjoyable and helpful last year because I got to learn from real employers and employees in the community, who just wanted to help all of us out.

- Sydney Cure, Student, Burlington Junior High, Burlington, CO
Last year as I attended the middle school career fair, I liked having the ability to ask questions and meet new people but I mostly enjoyed being able to pick which stations I would attend. I truly appreciated having the career fair because it opened my eyes to different careers I would not have even thought about.

- Ashton Turecek, Student, Limon Junior High, Limon, CO
I especially value the training with various tools to assess student aptitudes. Most students are pretty clear about what they like, but that often doesn't align with their skills and abilities. Helping students figure this out is critical for their workforce and economic future.

- Bárbara Rehm Gorman, Dean of Students, Haxtun High School, Haxtun, CO
I always felt like I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, but after completing the YouScience process, I felt like I had a strong vision of my career path. I also learned how to work on my weakness areas. Everyone should participate in YouScience no matter how old you are!

- Reid Kaise, Sterling CO