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How long are you funded for?
We are funded and providing programs January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2019.

What programs or services do you offer?
What is the best way to help students and their families make informed decisions through meaningful career conversations and how to begin those confersations? It is through participation in activities and events designed to grow career awareness, career exploration and career experience.
  1. Schools K-12 - We offer this website as a way to share lesson plans that work in our rural classrooms. If you need a lesson plan, please take one, if you have one you really like, please share it through the sumbision link on the home page.
  2. Schools K-12 - We have worked hard to provide a list of businesses in your county that have already been contaced and listed how they will work with you. Classroom speakers will come into classrooms K-12, so any teacher can partner with their local businesses.
  3. Teachers, Counselors, Administrators - A Career Development Institute is offered annually. In order to have meaningful career conversations with students, it is important for teachers, counselors, and administrators to stay current with career programs and to get out into local businesses to see how they operate and jobs that are available. Past speakers included: WBL and Resources - Renise Walker, CDE, and Robin Russel, CDE; YouScience - Rich Feller; Workforce Centers and their relation to Workforce Based Learning – Josh Gibbs; Legal and Ethical Issues in Work Based Learning – Michelle Murphy; Wheels of Grace - Sergio Sanchez. Business tours included: Barry Walter Senior Company, Fort Morgan Vet Clinic, Kaiser Premier, and Media Logic Radio.
  4. Elementary - We are excited to be offering Rural AmeriTown as a program for elementary schools. The curriculum is very hands-on and aligned with Colorado standards. Students begin their career awareness experience by engaging in classroom lessons that focus on banking, civics, free enterprise, advertising, law, philanthropy, and job interviews. Students then travel to Wray Colorado to run a town for a day. This is a day they will remember and talk about when they are in high school!
  5. Elementary - This is the first year YouScience is being offered to 8th graders. Student's answers about their aptitudes and interests are combined to help them understand which career clusters to start exploring first.
  6. Junior High - Six annual 8th grade career fairs comprised of 30 - 45 local business partners. Students have the opportunity to talk with five local business leaders of their choice and listen to one keynote speaker. We strive to have a variety of business leaders from each career cluster. We also provide a workbook to help students start on career exploration, understand how to dress for success, and prepare for the career fair. Rounding out the end of the career fair is a free lunch from a local vendor.
  7. High School - YouScience is offered free of charge to all high school students. This program is an extensive patent pending algorithm that combines aptitudes and interests with current careers to make high quality career and education recommendations.
  8. High School - Career Cabs are actually school buses that transport students interested in specific career paths to "a day in the life" of the students chosen career. We are encouraging schools to do this by offering to pay part of the mileage. To encourage schools to work together, we will offer addition mileage payment up to four schools sharing a bus to a job site.

Can I request a business partner to be listed on the website?
Absolutely, simply give the business owner the website address www.necopwr.org, and tell them the submission form link is on the home page. One of our staff will process the form and list the business owner on our website.

If my school is outside your service area, can we receive your services?
No, the grant area was defined prior to the effective grant service dates starting January 1, 2017 and ending December 31, 2019.

What schools are in your service area?
We are currently working with or have offered services to the following junior and high schools, and we are expanding to include all the elementary schools associated with the these Colorado schools.

Agate, Akron, Arickaree, Arriba-Flagler, Bennett High, Bennett Middle, Bethune, Brush High, Brush Middle, Buchanan Middle, Burlington, Byers, Caliche, Cheyenne Wells, Deer Trail, Fleming, Fort Morgan High, Fort Morgan Middle, Genoa-Hugo, Haxtun, Hi-Plains, Holyoke, Idalia, Julesburg, Karval, Kiowa, Kit Carson, Liberty, Limon, Lincoln, Lone Star, Merino, Otis, Peetz, Revere, Sterling High, Sterling Middle, Stratton, Weldona, Wiggins, Woodlin, Wray High, Yuma, and Yuma Middle


I need CEU to renew my teaching certificate. Do you help with that?
Yes. We offer CEU's for attending the Career Development Institute days. We are planning other career development training including Work Based Learning days.