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Career Cabs are field experiences for students wanting to have an in-depth exploration opportunity of a specific career or career cluster. For example, a few students at XYZ school want to explore welding as a career. The counselor or teacher makes arrangements with a business, such as Kaiser Premier LLC in Fort Morgan that has a welding shop, to have a tour of the business and talk with welding employees. The goal of the day is to help students learn what a typical day is like, what education is needed for the career, what kind of pay is expected for entry level employees, and a wide variety of other information. Schools can apply for $.50/per mile roundtrip. If more than one school goes on the same bus, $.05 per school will be added to the base $.50 up to and including four schools participating together.

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Career Cab Request - tell us how many schools besides yours are participating, what business(es) you are going to, what career cluster is being explored, how many miles round trip, and how many students are involved.