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Submit a Lesson Plan or Activity

Share a Lesson Plan

Submit your lesson plan or activity and have it posted on our website for other rural teachers to use. As lesson plans and activities are submitted, they will be posted under the School tab by grade level for K-6 or by class type for junior high and high schools. If your grade level or class type is not listed no lesson plans have been submitted, so be the first to submit your lesson plan or activity!
Submit a Career Cab

Career Cab Request

Career Cabs are business tours for students who are highly interested in one industry or career. More than one school can participate in the career cab. For example, students from X, Y, and Z schools are interested in physical therepy. The students meet at a specified site. The "career cab" takes students to a hospital where they meet with a physical therapist, take a tour, and participate in in-depth converstaions about physical therepy as a career. If you have ideas and students who would be interested in a specific career cab, submit the career cab form.
Submit a request to be a Business Partner with the school.

Business Partner Request

How many students do not know all the career paths at your business? By submitting a Business Form Request, you can inspire students and motivate them to find career paths leading to your business. While you are working with students, you will foster personal interaction and you will be able to expand their footprint by serving as a new career contact and helping them feel you are invested in their success.

Students Experience Broadcasting

January 16, 2019, students experienced what it would be like to be a professional broadcaster at the Limon 8th grade career fair. See the broadcasts by clicking the link below.

Funded by the El Pomar Foundation

The services and programs provided by Northeast Colorado Postsecondary Workforce Partnership are funded through the El Pomar Foundation. To learn more about El Pomar, their grant making process, the Penrose House, or their programs, please visit their website.

Original Goals

1. Create an easy access list of business partners allowing teachers to see local businesses participating in business visits, job shadowing, internships, apprenticeships, and/or mock interview opportunities for their students in grades K-12,
2. Plan and impliment career fairs for 8th grade students,
3. Conduct an annual Career Development Institute for teachers, counselors, and administrators to learn more about the businesses and career paths in their communities,
4. Develop a counselor's network of best practices throughout the schools in our grant area, and
5. Create an electronic resource center (this website) for teachers, counselors, parents, and students.